RTLS Tools - Tracking Staff, Assets, Patients, . . .
RTLS Tools enable real-time transaction tracking, associating and backtracking of staff, patient and asset movements; time-stamped and recorded utilization and monitoring of “what is where”. A product solution accomplished via badge assignments, RTLS Tools provides the client with real-time displays, alerts and reports.

This applied technology along with custom applications drive workplace analytics algorithms, methodology and refinement in patient care operating procedures. This product can be interfaced with nurse call systems such as Rauland's R5 or Enterprise, as well as healthcare EMR record flow to enhance the product. We currently interface with the leading rtls hardware vendors in the US and have begun installations internationally.


  • Measure staff response times
  • Optimizing Patient throughput by visual patient flow
  • Analyzing when and where delays occur
  • Communication and patient satisfaction
  • Quickly locate staff and assets
  • Analytics reports for areas visited with times and duration
  • Measure patient wait durations for doctor and staff visits with patient
  • Optimize OR scheduling by viewing OR room occupancy efficiency, looking at gaps of time between usage
  • Verify selected assets go to cleaning room before re-entering patient rooms
  • Faster room turnover

RTLS Tools Product Feature Set

Staff and Asset Tracking and Reports

  • A dashboard showing battery status, staff on floor, and area visit count
  • Lookup reports showing locations of all or selected staff, assets, and patients
  • Location reports showing all badges currently in a selected area
  • Movement reports of particular staff or assets showing path history
  • Staff analytics reports showing frequency of room visits and time spent in defined areas
  • Badge reports showing assignments and latest activity
  • Receiver hardware reports showing gateway connections, and latest activity
  • Battery reports for badges and receivers

Patient Tracking

  • A patient OR / ED tracking package with patient workflow and procedure room efficiency analytics
  • Designate badges for Patients
  • Patient Scheduler for OR Procedures
  • Define key areas/rooms visited by patient for tracking
  • Patient workflow progress screens
  • Analytics reports for areas visited with times and duration
  • Keep track of all staff meetup with patient
  • Measure patient wait durations for doctor and staff visits with patient
  • Optimize OR scheduling by viewing OR room occupancy efficiency, looking at gaps of time between usage


  • Email and SMS Text alerts
  • Script interface for customization and alerting
  • PAR Value alerts for asset inventory in selected locations
  • Badge Movement alerts activated upon badges entering specified locations
  • Battery Alerts for low batteries for Badges and Receivers

Setup and Provisioning

  • A web GUI for provisioning for RTLS Baseline Set-up
  • A multiple vendor/subscriber RTLS subscriber interface (Centrak, Versus/Midmark,Aeroscout, forward thinking, Minew,...)
  • Provisioning of badges and receivers via GUI and automatic provisioning upon discovery
  • Automatic Badge/Receiver/Gateway discovery provisioning
  • Nurse Call Integration for Automatic provisioning of Staff Badge ID, Name and Level
  • Built-In installation helper tool - view receiver and gateway presence and relationship for installation validation
  • Multiple Log file views with search capability for operations support

Map Builder

  • Map Builder for design of visual maps of floor plans and areas for tracking staff, assets, and patients badges in real-time listed by floor

BackTrack - Coming Special Feature

  • BackTrack Feature - Tracks all touch points of contaminated staff, asset, patient and rooms
  • "BackTrack’s" design features will lend itself to monitoring contaminated staff, asset, and areas will determine “what has had contact with what” - Contaminated areas, staff or assets reports are made available to track and notify
  • Contaminated area, list what staff and assets have visited this area
  • Contaminated staff or asset, list areas they visited
  • Generate a list of staff in contact with contaminated other staff or asset

Other Coming Special Features

  • Asset Cleaning Compliance - Selected asset types must go through clean room before entering a patient’s room
  • Inter hospital smartphone app to search for staff, asset, or patient location
  • Application Programmer Interface (API) to remotely control and use this application.

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