What The CareDisplay Products Do:

Improving Patient Care, Safety, and Communication!

We currently have licensed over 1000 patient displays in major hospitals around the country. Each presenting timely critical care information to Staff and Patients.

The patient room displays will offer an easy way for health care providers to get important up-to-date information about a patient such as name, assigned staff, allergies, what language the patients speaks, isolation, and other information. The screens will display the necessary information using ten universal icons that will be easily recognizable to staff. The displays will decrease the potential for mistakes that can happen with hand-written notes.

Critical patient information will show up on the digital displays every time a doctor or nurse inputs care instructions into the patient record. This source of the information comes from live data feeds from the hospital's electronic health records (EHR), nurse call systems, as well as from realtime locations systems (RTLS) tracking the staff. The CareDiplay products have proven to improve HCAHPS satisfaction scores by increased staff response, and improved patient communication and satisfaction.


The Outside Room Displays are next to the room entry for Staff and Visitors to view as they enter the room. This is a reminder to the Staff to be aware of potentially critical care requirements for this patient.

Outside Room CareDisplay

Displayed Items: Patient Name (blank if Privacy Option set), Provider, Nurse, Nurse Practitione, Icons for Staff ( Fall Risk, Isolation ( Contact, Airborne, Droplet, Contact-D, Enhanced), Allergies, DNR, Food-NPO, Language, Sign Language, Breastfeeding, Elopement, Fluid Restriction (with amount). Privacy (omit Patient name).

Inside Room CareDisplay

Displayed Items: Patient Name, Provider, Nurse, Nurse Practioner, Pictures of on-duty Staff, Choice of Icons for Staff (see Inside Room list), Privacy (omit Patient name), Rotating Display of beautiful graphics, List of timestamps showing last several Nurse visits, Number of Total Nurse visits for this patient, Pain Scale, Special Notes, Meals Information, Scheduled Activity Information

OR Board

Displayed Items: Room Number, Scheduled Operation Time, Time Conflict Indicator, Patient Name, Surgeon, Nurse, Nurse Practitioner, Patient Indictor (Duplicate Name, Anonymous, Pedi), Procedure, Status Indicator (New Admin, Therapy, Discharge), Notes, Icon Indicators (Diabetes, Foley, Hob flat, Pedi, Lab, Drain), Status of Room (dirty, isolation). Charge RN, ER Physician, Security ph#, Physical Therapy Staff, Housekeeping Staff, Unit Secretary.

Technology and Interfaces used:
World Class Software (WCS) CareDisplay Server Software;
Interface into Hospital's Electronic Medical Record Software, e.g. Epic HL7 Interface;
Interface into Hospital's Nurse Call System, e.g. Rauland-Borg R5 for Staff Assignments;
Interface into a Real Time Location Tracking System (RTLS), e.g. Centrak;
Use of WCS's Data Mediation Gateway for data Collection from multiple protocols, Transforming , and Routing of data.